Majestic Splendor of Taiwan – Liu De-Lang Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration: 2013.12.14 Sat. – 2014.1.26 Sun.
  • Opening: 2013.12.14 Sat. 3:00pm
  • Artist: Liu De-Lang


Liu De-lang, born in 1958, in Hsinchu, graduated from the National Hsinchu University of Education. He has spent many years exploring high mountains of Taiwan, visiting coastal landscapes and expressing the beauty of nature in his paintings. In his artworks, Taiwan is a unique place, full of vitality and inner strength.


Liu has once said: “Taiwan is our homeland. This island is rich of wild nature and infinite life. Through constant observation and contemplation it has developed a solid infrastructure.” For the past years, Liu De-Lang has not stopped exploring his native land. The major works are presented at his solo exhibition “Majestic Splendor of Taiwan”. The viewers are invited to appreciate beautiful sceneries of this land and the most sincere feelings of the artist to his homeland.




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