Format Daily

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  • Duration: 2013/06/08 Sat. – 07/14 Sun.
  • Opening: 2013/06/08 Sat. 3:00pm
  • Art forum: 2013/06/15 Sat. 3:00pm
  • Discussants: Hu Chao-Sheng (Director of the Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan), Luo He-Lin (Curator), exhibited artists
  • Curator: Luo He-Lin
  • Exhibited artists: Chou Tai-Chun, Sun Yi-Jou, Chang Ya-Ping, Chen I-Chun, Tseng Yu-Chuan, Tseng Wei-Hao, Tsai Shih-Hung, Tai Han-Hong


In 2013, the main theme for the annual event Gallery Week is “Magic Hour”. This time curator Luo He-Lin gathered contemporary artists to exhibit together at exhibition named “Format Daily”. This exhibition will be opened on Saturday 8th of July at 3:00 pm. Duration of exhibition: from June 8 to July 14, 2013.


Roland Barthes (1915-1980) in the book La Chambre Claire developed the twin concepts of ‘studium’ and ‘punctum’. ‘Studium’ denotes everyday objects, symbols, and customs that are subject of rupturing and restructuring. ‘Punctum’ denotes contradictions and impact of perception. Exhibition “Format Daily” gathers artists who work with different mediums and ‘forms’. The viewers will be brought away from the daily routine when artworks will trigger their imagination, thus allowing them to experience the magic hour.




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