The Following Shadow

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  • Duration: 2013/04/06 Sat. – 05/05 Sun.
  • Opening: 2013/04/06 Sat. 3:00pm
  • Exhibited artists: Wang Liang-Yin, Lai Yi-Chih, Hsu Chang-Yu, Yu Ya-Lan, Li Cheng-Hsun, Lo Chiao-Ling, Chuang Tong-Chiao


Late 18th century French architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806) often used pure geometric forms and simple contour lines. He used visual imagination to build reality, to strengthen large buildings. Ledoux also often used symbols, fragments of memory, and discrepancy between imagination and reality. Exhibition “The Following Shadow” will be opened to the public from Saturday 4th of April until Sunday 5th of May. Exhibited artists include: Wang Liang-Yin, Lai Yi-Chih, Hsu Chang-Yu, Yu Ya-Lan, Li Cheng-Hsun, Lo Chiao-Ling, and Chuang Tong-Chiao. We would like to invite you to admire realistic scenery depicted in various media forms.


Wang Liang-Yin in her works depicts a great variety of desserts, and discusses inextricably interlinked relationships between beauty and desire. Lai Yi-Chih’s photographic works named Blank Series lead the viewers into a quiet white space and bring up a different viewing experience. Hsu Chang-Yu and Yu Ya-Lan depict forests appearing from their memories where trees, lakes, and animals are covered in misty colors. Li Cheng-Hsun, a winner of the Kashiwa Satou Personal Award at Geisai Taiwan in 2010, composes his works from complete and broken lines, intervenes an image with a piled up pigment. A variety of levels are always dominant in his works. In Lo Chiao-Ling’s Colorful Planet a little girl who is ready to start her adventurous journey appears somewhere away from the Earth. Chuang Tong-Chiao uses minimalist images in his works Simplicité, Le rêve d’un logis, and Tout respire ànouveau. The viewers can discover a state of sublimation, safe asylum or a place for dreams and memories.


We would like to invite you to visit exhibition “The Following Shadow” during this joyful season. Seven artists, each with unique rhetoric and vocabulary, express their inner longings and desires.




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