The Retrospective Exhibition of Yang San-Lang

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  • Duration: 2011/06/18-08/30
  • Host: Liang Gallery
  • Sponsor: Yang San-Lang Art Museum
  • Exhibited artist: Yang San-Lang


With the sponsorship of Yang San-Lang Art Museum and after a long period of preparation, Liang Gallery hosted “The Retrospective Exhibition of Yang San-Lang", which comprehensively showcased the life-long works of Yang San-Lang. In particular, many large paintings were being displayed outside of the museum for the first time, causing viewers to marvel and the media to portray the event as an “art ice-breaking exhibition." In addition to his paintings, Yang’s sketches, journal of his travels through France, painting items, and other relics of great historical significance will be displayed.


“Skilled in colours and return to colours" (Jing Yu Se, Hai Yu Se) is the underlying theme of Yang’s paintings. The image he operates is piled like thousands of melaleuca, and smeared like tens of thousands of fragments. However, that piling and smearing is joyful and relaxing in its approach, and does not give people any pressure or burden. He lets the paint brush sway endlessly, sketching the “color brush" and “brush color" of his perfect dream realm. This is the necessary duty of a dedicated practitioner, and, even more, a life that one must live when insisting on a choice. So, each of the paintings are exhaustive efforts that face the challenges of the brush and battle across different realms. With this, some people say that Yang’s paintings are a painted battlefield of life. Indeed, there is some truth to this.




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