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“The Beginning of Summer – Contemporary Art in Taiwan”


Taiwan, an island located in the Western Pacific off the east coast of China, is known for its wonderful natural landscape with a great variety of ecological resources because of the climate transition between the tropical and the subtropical. Throughout Taiwan’s 400-year history, it has embraced cultures from Spain, Netherlands, and Japan who once occupied/colonized the island, integrating them with native cultures inherited by the indigenous as well as Chinese culture brought by the immigrants to develop an open-minded multiculturalism that is unique to Taiwan.


May is the beginning of summer. The days are getting warmer and the earth is irrigated with enough rainwater. The growing plants show the fertility of the land, where a new circle of life begins. Coherence to the exhibition theme“The Beginning of Summer – Contemporary Art in Taiwan”, Liang Gallery presents six Taiwanese contemporary artist, including Lin Hung-Hsin, Jam Wu, Huang Yi-Sheng, Leo Wang, Hsu Wei-Hui, and Chen I-Chun and. In their works, we see a rich landscape of the island, the influence of multiple cultures, and the originality of various artistic styles.


At Art15 London, Liang Gallery brings a refreshing breeze from Asia, whispering to us about how art touches upon Nature, humanity, and society.




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