Bed Stories-Candy Bird Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration:2016.03.05. Sat. – 2016.04.03. Sun.
  • Opening:2016.03.05. Sat. 3pm
  • Artist:Candy Bird

Candy Bird is a street artist whose imagination fuses the works together with the environment. His works can be seen everywhere through Taiwan, either in the hidden corners or on the ruins of private spaces. Liang Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Candy Bird, which will last from March 5 (Sat) to May 3 (Sun). The exhibition will open on March 5 at 3pm. We would like to invite you to come and enjoy the street art at our gallery.


The artist will break the traditional exhibition space into smaller areas in order to construct a giant maze and to tell a story of the past. The exhibition starts with a story of a mother and a son. Murals and graffiti portray ideological control, the circumstances under the dominating power, the process of breaking free, and the fight for the visionary freedom. In order to sustain this freedom, it is necessary to shape different ideologies and to expose the loop of historical fate.


The exhibition aims to probe into manifestations of ideologies. The concept for the exhibition is based on the artist’s personal experience. A life in a two parallel society, the value system conflicts in Taiwan, and a strong sense of non-belonging urged the artist to rethink the ideology of the people, definition of an “alien,” and what the “values” stand for. Candy Bird applies these memories and metaphors to describe the modern history of Taiwan and the contemporary society.




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