Words under the Reflection of Lights – YU Ya-Lan’s Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration:2016.06.04. Sat. – 2016.07.03. Sun.
  • Opening:2016.06.04. Sat. 3pm
  • Artist:YU Ya-Lan

I hope that every piece of my artworks is not just a frozen moment to be captured but the vision emerging from the accumulated episodes. The scenes evoke viewers’ personal memories of something similar, maintaining the beauty of the circumstances. – Yu Ya-Lan


Artist Yu Ya-Lan’s solo exhibition “Words under the Reflection of Lights” will be held at Liang Gallery. Exhibition will open at 3pm on Saturday June 4th and will last till Sunday July 3rd. We would like to invite you to immerse yourself into the mysterious landscapes of memories.


During the past few years, Yu Ya-Lan’s prints have been based on the theme of landscape. Unlike most prints which emphasize expressiveness or the narrative, Yu Ya-Lan’s prints are always focused on exploring various sceneries. These scenes are either related with the real life or coincide with her feelings. The viewers are enabled to relate to the peaceful and serene landscapes, to quietly and comfortably stay in them, and to immerse into a small universe which seems to be secular yet is detached from the earth.


Symbolism has played an important role in the literature and art history. The concept of ‘correspondence’, which can be explained as a combination of the sense of seeing and hearing, was the foundation of creative work for symbolist poets. They believed that there is a changeful and complex relationship between the nature, the mind and soul. They thought that the colors, the sounds, the smells, and the forms imply a certain conjunction in the human’s mind. In other words, creation was understood as a way of expressing feelings. In the aesthetic psychology the correspondence of art is known as the transference; the things one hears can evoke visual experiences, and vice versa.


When appreciating the works of Yu Ya-Lan, the viewer is often naturally attracted by the ambience of the image and affected by the “correspondence”. Sometimes a ripple arises on the surface of a lake and sometimes a firefly-like glimmer appears in the print, which evokes different feelings to each and every observer. In terms of the process of creation, Yu Ya-Lan says that she has seen all of those images in her life, but during the process of carving every element takes its own appearance. Yu Ya-Lan’s creation focuses not on painting with a brush, but on a chisel and a printing plate.


In this exhibition a number of new artworks will be on display, including a series of the Madam Chung which the artist created to commemorate her mother’s life. Yu Ya-Lan used the pictures of her mother to make drawings and applied lithographic techniques to produce prints thus sustaining mother’s profound gaze and emotions. The artist brings art and life into a close contact through printmaking.


Yu Ya-Lan was born in 1987 in Yunlin, Taiwan. She obtained both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2010 and 2014, respectively. She was selected into the “Made in Taiwan – Young Artist Discovery” at Art Taipei art fair in 2012. Her works Close Your Eyes, You Will See, Brilliant and Life Is Only on Earth, and Not for Long have been collected by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.




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