Rainbow Rain Village – Tsai Chieh-Hsin’s Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration:2016.06.04. Sat. – 2016.07.03. Sun.
  • Opening:2016.06.04. Sat. 3pm
  • Artist:TSAI Chieh-Hsin

Artist Tsai Chieh-Hsin’s solo exhibition “Rainbow Rain Village” will be held at Liang Gallery. Exhibition will open at 3pm on Saturday June 4th and will last till Sunday July 3rd. We would like to invite you to distance yourself from the adult world, to put aside the outside world and to immerse yourself into a dream of being soaked in the rain of the rainbow which will make you as beautiful as a rainbow.


A ‘rainbow’ is a light pulled out into the sky that always appears after the rain. It ‘unfolds itself’ in the colors of spectrum and allows people to explore its vividness and grace. It is a reflection of light in water droplets filled with brightness and colors. Its emergence in a just-washed sky leaves an unforgettable poetic impression in our memory. Tsai Chieh-Hsin attempts to follow the poetic nature of the rainbow and presents an enigmatic image: rainbow rain.


‘Rainbow rain’ blends two elements of natural phenomena: ‘rain’ (gloomy) and ‘rainbow’ (beautiful). The artist has switched the order of words in the phrase ‘after raining there is a rainbow’ into ‘rainbow rain’, where ‘rain’ gains the connotation of the future verb. In this imaginary rainbow rain, the rain becomes less gloomy and colors the animals and their dwellings.


Tsai Chieh-Hsin creates an artificial environment. This environment itself and the life in it imply a certain ‘trauma’, or, more precisely, all of the artworks in the exhibition propose an assumption for ‘surmounting the trauma.’ ‘Trauma’ is an important problem we often face in our lives which leaves a deep scar in each of us. ‘Trauma’ is a reappearing motif which is different to each of us. Contemporary art is doing all it can to expand the awareness of the issues. Traumatic incidents are being constantly elaborated in various historical context and society.


In the world created by the artist and presented in the exhibition, all animals prove the rainbow rain to exist. A utopian world emerges through the colors of a rainbow where the people are replaced with animals and where the animals can be viewed as an allegory to people.


TSAI Chieh-Hsin

Graduating from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at the Tainan National University of the Arts in 2010, Tsai Chieh-Hsin is best known for her pulp sculptures that express the warm and sincere emotions communicated through the interpersonal relationship instead of the rapid pace of life. She is particularly interested in the expressions of emotions that are human-exclusive, using pulp to create gestures such as smile or holding hands to deliver the invisible feelings existing in our lives. Tsai Chieh-Hsin has been selected by Fubon Art Foundation’s Very Fun Park as the Art Ambassador in 2009, received the Third and the Fifth Taoyuan Contemporary Art Awards, the Gold Prize of HAIKU for sculpture, and the Newly Emerging Artists Award.




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