A Place We Walk To — LO Chiao-Ling Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration:2016.12.10. Sat. – 2017.01.08. Sun.
  • Opening:2016.12.10. Sat. 12:00pm
  • Press Preview:2016.12.10 Sat. 3:00pm
  • Artist:LO Chiao-Ling

Liang Gallery is pleased to announce “A Place We Walk to,” a solo exhibition by Taiwanese artist Lo Chiao-Ling. This exhibition “is just like a short trip in which I record companionship experienced together through childhood,” says the artist.

Although children’s portraits have been a recurring theme of her paintings since 2009, the objects are no longer the known or unknown “others” (meaning the imagined kids seen or pictured from an adult’s perspective). The turning point was in 2011 when she became a mother. Giving birth to a child is almost like turning a woman’s life upside down. A woman learns to coexist with another being in her own body during pregnancy, while the unbearable pain of childbearing brings a woman to a higher level, where she now has to live with someone in separate bodies, and that “someone” inherits her and the father’s features. The growth of a child invites the parents to re-witness how humans have developed their abilities and behaviors since birth.

Lo Chiao-Ling and her husband spend time with their children as much as possible and experience everything with the kids, such as reading, taking a walk, painting, or savoring all the emotions. These experiences are way beyond what Lo had once imagined before she really became a mother. She is given a new vision, interwoven with that of a child, to perceive every detail and to feel the warmth of everyday life. In the time spent with her children, it is like she slips into a black hole of her childhood memory, through which she has a desire to learn from her children, to recollect the pure innocence and inborn curiosity when one first arrives at a new world, and to awaken the long forgotten sensibility and imagination. In her paintings, she thus crystalizes all these original feelings of her first encounter with the world.

Mundaneness, children, micro-vision – these keywords about littleness are not reasons to reject a micro-sensible expression. The real question is how “the little but certain happiness” is absorbed in our lives and how it affects the essence of life. How artists transform their life experiences into an exact gaze or a rhythmic vision is a gesture full of warmth, that everydayness is polished into a dazzling sparkle. Like Shiah Shiah’s poems, Lo’s paintings filter out the sour of life and extract the sweetness from its blossom. It is the sour of life that reflects the fresh sweetness of flowers. The invisible force behind it is love.

Lo Chiao-Ling was born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1981. Childhood memories and the people she had contact with in her life are inspiration for her artworks. She believes that there is a child who lives in everybody’s mind. By depicting the image of the child, she aims to capture the innocence and sincerity that everybody has owned once. By the way of creating these works, she represents the glorious and warm feelings from her memories.




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