2017 Art Basel Hong Kong: Galleries

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  • VIP Preview:
    2017.03.21 Tue. (15:00-20:00)
    2017.03.22 Wed. (13:00-17:00)
  • Vernissage:
    2017.03.22 Wed. (17:00-21:00)
  • Public View:
    2017.03.23 Thu. (13:00-20:00)
    2017.03.24 Fri. (13:00-21:00)
    2017.03.25 Sat. (11:00-18:00)
  • Booth:
  • Artists:
    CHAO Chung-Hsiang, CHU Ko, LEE Chung-Chung
  • Venue:
    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Contemplating Changes in Chinese Abstract Painting


Chao Chung-Hsiang, Chu Ko and Lee Chung-Chung were born in China, yet moved to Taiwan in 1945 together with the Kuomintang military troops as a result of the Chinese Civil War and government changeover in China. This turbulent period is now known as the great migration of Chinese culture and the movement of nations, which marked the changes in people’s mindset since they moved to new territories and were influenced by the local environment. Mainly due to the former reasons, from the 1960s onwards, Chinese ink-wash painting has become the center of origin of modern ink painting in Taiwan.


In the 1960s, the art world in Taiwan faced a wave of artistic innovation and dialectical thinking, thus echoing with the upsurge of abstract art in the wide world. All three artists inherited the mode of thinking and painting from traditional Chinese ink-wash art, but abandoned the restrictions of traditional painting by means of experimenting with ink and paper, including abstract white spaces surpassing forms and figures. Their practices and perspectives of creation focused on abstract expressionism, merged eastern and western creative thinking, gathered the continuation and innovation of tradition and modernity, and included deep cultural connotations. These artists launched the movement of abstract ink art, which had become the milestone in the modernization of ink art.


Since the 1960s, Chao Chung-Hsiang, Chu Ko and Lee Chung-Chung’s artworks have been selected for a great number of exhibitions, through which they spread their innovative ink art ideas and garnered much of the attention around the world. In addition to their sublime achievements in modern Chinese ink painting and cultural contributions, they have also had a great influence on modernization of ink art by means of exhibitions and lectures. They made significant achievements in the history of modern ink art.


Liang Gallery is committed to the promotion of outstanding Taiwanese artists and aims to reveal the influence and significance of the era of art through the lenses of art history.


At the 2017’s edition of Art Basel Hong Kong the gallery will display works by three outstanding modern ink artists. The exhibition will focus and reflect artistic exchange between the East and West.




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