2014 Art Taipei

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Liang Gallery is very glad to take part in 2014 Art Taipei. Following last year’s astonishing experience, this year we present 7 artists, including LIN Hung-Hsin, HUANG Yi-Sheng, HU Chau-Tsung, Leo WANG, TSAI Chieh-Hsin, Jam WU, HSU Wei-Hui.


The presented artists combine personal life experiences and inner perceptions to construct an expected ideal state and they do not confine their creation to fixed materials or regular ways of expression.


The artists presented in this year’s exhibition have an extensive record of participating in international exhibitions, and their art works are in collections of globally important institutions and well-known collectors. They all use a rich and unique artistic vocabulary what indicates the diversity of contemporary art in Taiwan.。


Liang Gallery offers a wide exhibition space, detailed artists information and special publications on exhibitions what brings to collectors the most comprehensive art appreciation experience.




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