TAD Festival 2017 – The Aftermath: The Lift of Martial Law

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  • Duration:2017.10.07. Sat. – 2017.11.05. Sun.
  • Press Preview: 2017.10.06 Fri. 3:00pm
  • Opening:2017.10.07. Fri. 3:00pm
  • Venue:Liang Gallery
  • Curator: LIN Chi-Ming
  • Artist:HSIA Yan, WU Yao-Zhong, Xindian Boys – TSONG Pu, HSIEH Chun-Te, MEI Dean-E, WU Tien-Chang, WU Mali, Watan UMA, CHEN Chieh-Jen, CHEN Chih-Cheng, WANG Jun-Jieh, HUANG Hsin-Chien, YAO Jui-Chung, CHEN Po-I, KAO Jun-Honn, CHIU Chen-Hung, HSU Chia-Wei, HSU Che-Yu, WU Chi-Yu, LIN Yi-Chi, CHANG Hao-Ning

The fourth Taipei Art District Festival this year invited curator Lin Chi-Ming’s team to plan an exhibition program at four exhibition spaces, including Liang Gallery, O-Bank Concert Hall, Fish Art Center, and DaGuan Gallery.


Lin Chin-Ming’s curated exhibition, “The Aftermath,” at Liang Gallery depicts the course of the development of visual arts in Taiwan over the last three decades since the lifting of Martial Law. This exhibition not only provides a look at the past but also proposes a starting point for thought regarding the future of Taiwan contemporary art.


2017 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the abolishment of Martial Law. This exhibition explores different generations of Taiwanese contemporary artists over a period of three decades, as well as their reflections and responses to the declaration and abolishment of Martial Law. Based on the liberating and pluralistic spirit that came with lifting Martial Law, the exhibition adopts a design that is different from most exhibitions. This is an exhibition that is co-organized with artists. First, the curators invited representative artists from different generations to submit their works. Following this, they were asked to recommend an artist and artwork. In this process of working together to select works for exhibition, in-depth interviews were also conducted to understand the reasoning behind each artist’s submission as well as suggestions or recommendations.


In the course of these interviews, one artist labeled this method as, “Lifting the Martial Law of a Curated Exhibition." There could be a theoretical problem with this label because it is difficult to say whether the curator had experienced Martial Law. To grasp the spirit of diversity and not fall into a politically correct pattern, this is indeed the core principle behind this exhibition. By holding diverse views towards the lifting of Martial Law, this exhibition looks at the declaration and abolishment of Martial Law through the perspective of artists from different generations. Artists’ views include questions about repression and liberation, trauma and healing, historical reconstruction, the thorough understanding of the abolishment of Martial Law, and the relation between consumerism and pleasure.


Liang Gallery is honored to collaborate with a curator, also Professor, Lin Chi-Ming for this time’s exhibition, “The Aftermath.” We hope that with the help of art people in the country will be able to better understand cultural evolution after the abolishment of Martial Law, and that this exhibition will remain a significant record of Taiwanese art.




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