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Taiwanese society is constructed of individuals of various cultural backgrounds. For four hundred years Taiwan was under the colonial rule of Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, and China. As a result, local society was highly influenced by various ethnic and cultural characteristics of these colonial countries. As a multi-ethnic society, it promotes a democratic ideology, as well as the development of international information. Chinese culture studies merged with the Western Avant-Garde art, thus bringing new art reform, and advocating the modern Oriental art. Taiwan’s art in the 21st century has gradually constructed a unique cultural identity among other Asian countries.

Liang Gallery is pleased to present artist Lee Chung-Chung’s abstract ink art, mixed media works by artists Lin Hung-Hsin, Huang Yi-Sheng, Leo Wang, Una Ursprung, and video artist Chen I-Chun and Hsu Chia-Wei as a manifestation of Taiwan’s contemporary art. Through different media applied in their creative practice, artists manifest and fully express their pursuit of the supreme ideals, draw attention to the lowest rung of humanity, and explores the relevance of Asian history. Social consciousness lies deep in their artistic creation, which proves to be the best way to appreciate the historical perspective and witness the creative achievements of the free thoughts.







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