2020 Taipei Dangdai

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VIP Preview (invitation only)
2pm-5pm, Thursday, 16 January

Vernissage (by invitation or advance ticket)
5pm-9pm, Thursday, 16 January

Public Opening 
11am-6pm, Friday, 17 January
11am-6pm, Saturday, 18 January
11am-5:30pm, Sunday, 19 January

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (4th Floor)
No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City

Artist: Lee Chung-Chung


Liang Gallery will present the solo exhibition of Lee Chung-Chung, one of the most important modern ink-wash artists in the post-war Taiwan, at 2020 Taipei Dangdai.  Lee Chung-Chung (1942-) was born in Anhui, China. In 1945, she settled in Tainan, Taiwan. Born into a family of artists, Lee started her practice of ink-wash painting and calligraphy at a very young age. After graduating from the Department of Fine Arts, she became a member of Chinese Ink Painting Study Association, founded by Liu Kuo-Sung and his fellow artists, in 1968 and thus began a lifelong dedication to modern ink-wash painting as an artist and practitioner.


Her practice is drawing on the Eastern philosophy but also integrated with the Western shapes and colors, allowing the essence of Eastern ink-wash art to fully express itself through touching-up, splashing, contouring, and rubbing. The breaths of the rhythmic brushwork are the inner reflection of the artist’s mind as well as her artistic genius. In the immense Universe materialized in her painting, the brush goes where the heart takes it to.


The long and lasting half-century artistic journey of Lee Chung-Chung is dedicated to modern ink-wash art wholeheartedly. Her works are frequently exhibited in Europe and the United States and widely collected by art museums and international collectors. Her name has been included in Art Basel HK for four consecutive years where she receives great acclaim, especially for her spontaneous, elegant, and elevated artistic style which has attracted the international collectors’ attention and recognition. Being one of the most iconic artists in the post-war Taiwan and significant figures bringing the traditional Chinese ink-wash art toward a modernized and globalized practice, Lee definitely holds a venerable place in the artists’ circle in Taiwan.




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