Truth as White – A Retrospective Exhibition of CHU Wei-Bor

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Duration:2020.06.06 (Sat.) -2020.07.26 (Sun.)
Opening:2020.06.06 (Sat.) 3:00pm
Venue:Liang Gallery 1F, 2F
Artist:CHU Wei-Bor
Curators:LIAO Jen-I, LIU Pi-Hsu

Forum:2020.06.27 (Sat.) 3:00pm
Speakers:LIAO Jen-I, LIU Pi-Hsu, Claudia CHEN, Vittorio CHU


Since organizing the “Abstract/Symbol/Oriental” – Exhibition of Taiwan’s Masters of Modern Art in 2014, Liang Gallery has continued to hold retrospective exhibitions of key post-war artists over the past six years. In June 2020, it is our great honor to organize a retrospective exhibition of Chu Wei-Bor, one of the members of the “Eastern Painting Group” that pioneered Taiwanese modern art. The exhibition will be jointly planned and executed by two curators, Liao Jen-I and Liu Pi-Hsu.


Chu Wei-Bor (1929 – 2018) was born in Nanjing, China, and retreated with the Nationalist army to Taiwan alone in 1948. In 1965, he left the army and began teaching at Hua Hsing Children’s Home. He retired in 1985 and continued creating works of art. Chu passed away in 2018 at the age of 90. His grandfather, father, and elder brother were all tailors, and he learned to use scissors to create works of art at a young age. Early on, when he first arrived in Taiwan, Chu studied painting at Liao Chi-Chun’s “Yun Ho Studio” in his free time. Later, he met fellow artists who also came to Taiwan around the same time, and became an apprentice of Li Chun-Shan. Chu later joined the Eastern Painting Group and art became his lifelong calling; his passion for art continued even until late in his life, and Chu became an important artist whose name was branded in the history of Taiwan’s post-war abstract movement.


Chu Wei-Bor did not receive professional art training, yet he exhibited throughout his life diverse and unique media, techniques, and concepts. The “Truth as White – A Retrospective Exhibition of CHU Wei-Bor” is a comprehensive exhibition featuring his works of drawings from early days, oil painting on canvas, glass plate and oil paint on paper, ink on paper, woodblock prints, acrylic on fabric, mixed media on linen fabric, paper sculpture, and the Spring Plowing series made of linen and thread from later in his career. In addition to presenting Chu Wei-Bor’s oriental spatialist aesthetics manifested through his “spirit of scissors,” this exhibition will also showcase his Taoist and Zen philosophy of life embodied by his art.


The “Bor” in Chu’s name means “white.” White was his aesthetic root, as well as the color in which he saw the truth. In “Truth as White,” Chu Wei-Bor will lead us back to the birthplace of art.


Liang Gallery has continued to organize domestic and overseas exhibitions of Taiwan’s post-war modern artists, and has gradually constructed a complete system of art history.


Liang Gallery hopes to further promote these artists and their works by holding retrospective exhibitions and participating in international exhibitions, enhancing the world’s understanding on the unique history of the development of modern art in Taiwan from 1960 to 1980 and facilitating more international exchanges.




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