2020 Art Kaohsiung 

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Collector Preview (invitation only)

2pm-8pm, Thursday, 19 November


VIP Preview(invitation only)

3pm-8pm, Thursday, 19 November


Vernissage (invitation only)

6pm-8pm, Thursday, 19 November


Public Opening

11am-7pm, Friday, 20 November

11am-7pm, Saturday, 20 November

11am-6pm, Sunday, 20 November



Contemporary Art Section (The Pier-2 Art Center)

Modern and Contemporary Art Section (City Suites – Kaohsiung Chenai)


Participating Artists

I-Chun CHEN, Leo WANG, Chiao-Ling LO, Yi-Sheng HUANG, Ching-Chieh YEN, Tai-Chun CHOU, Ya-Lan YU, Legacy Lab International


Liang Gallery is pleased to announce our return to Art Kaohsiung after our last participation a few years ago. We will be showing at The Pier-2 Art Center and also at the hotel art fair held at CitySuites, with the aim of serving collectors in Kaohsiung and promoting the artists we represent.


Artworks including video art, techno art, paintings, installations, and prints are on view during the fair. With an overarching theme focusing on symbiosis with nature, various creative formats will be presented to reflect on people’s emotions and experiences toward society and life in this pandemic era.


As the pandemic spreads across the globe in 2020, Taiwan’s successful response has allowed us to maintain a sense of social stability. With people in Taiwan continuing to enthusiastically engage in art events, we look forward to offering a splendid art feast for everyone to enjoy at Art Kaohsiung.




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