2021 Art Basel Hong Kong|Galleries – Liang Gallery

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Private View:

2021.05.19 Wed. (14:00-20:00)

2021.05.20 Thu. (14:00-20:00)

2021.05.21 Fri. (14:00-16:00)

2021.05.22 Sat. (12:00-14:00)

2021.05.23 Sun. (12:00-14:00)
2021.05.21 Fri. (16:00-21:00)

Show Hours:

2021.05.22 Sat. (14:00-20:00)

2021.05.23 Sun. (14:00-18:00)


Booth: 1C29 GALLERIES (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)


Artists: CHU Wei-Bor, CHU Ko, HSIAO Chin, LEE Chung-Chung, and YU Peng


Eternal Symbols of the Orient: Post-War Chinese Art


At 2021 Art Basel Hong Kong, Liang Gallery is curating the works of five well-known modern Taiwanese artists: Chu Wei-Bor, Chu Ko, Hsiao Chin, Lee Chung-Chung, and Yu Peng.


We are presenting artists whose works portray the Chinese art history of the time. Some born in China immigrated to Taiwan in times of turbulence before finding their ways to Europe for art creation and inspiration; some born and raised in Taiwan emigrated to China to make arts in the 1990s with the beginning of the cross-strait exchange. With the experience in Taiwan, China, and the West, these artists strived to communicate their Oriental roots with the Western culture.


The selected works are created between 1960-2000. They present the unswerving vitality of creation from different eras over the last half century, spanning the postwar Chinese art revolution began in the 1960s and peaked in the 1980s. A watershed moment of Chinese art history, the period was a peculiar yet wonderous time where, despite the martial law, there was a revival of literature and art within the twin regions of China and Taiwan: people’s spirits were confined yet roused; society curfewed yet breaking free into the avant-garde.


This wave of art innovation continues the shift in creative atmosphere tangible in Taiwan since Japanese rule and upends the realism movement prevalent in China since the early Republican era, changing the conceptions of traditional art for good. Fusing western abstraction of thought with the ideographic spirit of Oriental ink tradition, a new style has been created, and so written a unique and rich cultural chapter in postwar Chinese art history. Recognized as the driving forces of the innovation, artists of this generation with their works of “oriental symbol" characteristics, worked their ways from young promising creators eventually to mastery in the postwar Chinese art history.


All the works of these five artists all come from the Artists’ Foundations or from the gracious support of their families.


Chu Wei-Bor’s Family

The Chu Ko Culture and Arts Foundation

Hsiao Chin International Art Foundation

Mrs. Lee Chung-Chung

Yu Peng’s Family


We believe these works are worthy of the attention of Taiwan’s modern art exhibition.




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