2021 Art Taipei

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Super VIP Preview

2021.10.21 Thu. (12:00-21:00)



2021.10.21 Thu. (18:30-21:00)


VIP Preview

2021.10.21 Thu. (15:00-21:00)

2021.10.22 Fri. (11:00-14:00)


Public Days

2021.10.22 Fri. (14:00-19:00)

2021.10.23 Sat. (11:00-19:00)

2021.10.24 Sun. (11:00-19:00)

2021.10.25 Mon. (11:00-19:00)



Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 (No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City)



Participating Artists

KUO Hsueh-Hu, HSIAO Chin, YU Peng, LEE Chung-Chung, LIU De-Lang, HSU Hui-Chih, Jam WU, CHOU Tai-Chun, HUANG Yi-Sheng, YEN Ching-Chieh, YU Ya-Lan, Leo WANG, LO Chiao-Ling, TSAI Chieh-Hsin, TSAI Hsiao-Chi & YOSHIKAWA Kimiya, CHEN Kuei-Yen, HUANG Yu-Hao, HSU Che-Yu, HSU Chia-Wei


Group Exhibition of Taiwan Contemporary Art


Due to the global pandemic, wildlife has thrived with less human intervention, while life in cities has slowed down and quieted down. Art reflects the society, depicting the environment and civilization of its time through the eyes and thoughts of the artists.


Taiwan, with the highest density of mountains worldwide, is home to a great variety of splendid landscapes. Inspired by the natural scenery of the island, local scenic paintings take on bright colours, distinguishing themselves from the Asian culture circle. Culturally wise, the 400-year history of Taiwan leads to a fusion of cultures from the Japanese colonial period to Chinese culture legacies. The cultural diversity gave birth to the free spirit and experimental characteristic featuring in contemporary Taiwanese arts.


Ever since its establishment, the 28-year-old Liang Gallery has been devoting itself to curating exhibitions of Taiwanese art, with an intention to promote Taiwan art history internationally. At this year’s ART TAIPEI, Liang Gallery is introducing artists of modern Taiwanese art development, each with a unique sense of culture and aesthetic. Brilliant artworks including oil paintings, ink paintings, sculptures, and video arts will be on view with the aim of serving collectors from all places in Taiwan.




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