Wang Shui-Ho was born in 1925, in Taichung. At 14 he started working in design and signboards industry, later on he founded the Sakura Billboard Studio and the Shui Ho Studio. He created “Shui Ho Font” that is still widely used in commercial design. Wang is respectfully called the “founder of advertising” by younger generation. Even though he did not have formal academic training in art, he had great enthusiasm and innate talent for art. Starting from 1949, Wang had been receiving the Sculpture and Painting Award of Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition for eleven years in a row. He broke all records by being awarded six First Prizes in Sculpture of Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition. In addition, Wang Shui-Ho specialized in and researched changes of sculptural forms and techniques. He made a significant technological breakthrough in the history of sculpture by developing the “dry lacquer method”. His works became lighter than those made out of gypsum, they were more delicate, the material was more suitable to express subtle changes of human physique, thus allowing the sculptures of people to look more realistic. Wang Shui-Ho played a major role in the history of sculpture in Taiwan.






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