Chen Houei-Kuen was born in 1907 to a well-educated family in Lungching Township, Taichung County, showed enthusiasm for painting from childhood. In 1928, he was admitted to the Tokyo School of Fine Arts’ Normal Department, and after graduation taught fine arts and painted for more than 40 years. He trained many young talented students. He also travelled through the various countries of Europe, studying Western paintings of each era, and after returning to Taiwan, he began experimenting with the art concepts he has learned, blending them with the traditional compositional ideas in ink painting. Using an empirical spirit as his starting point, he blended East and West so that his paintings exude the spiritual excellence of the East while containing the techniques and concepts of the West.



  • Lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts, Taiwan Provincial College of Education (now National Taiwan Normal University), Taipei, Taiwan
  • Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, Taiwan Provincial College of Education, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Professor at Taiwan Provincial College of Education, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Adjunct professor at National Taiwan College of Arts (now National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei), Taipei, Taiwan
  • Review committee member of Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Examination commissioner for exhibitions at the Taiwan Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (now National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts), Taichung, Taiwan


  • The Golden Harvest Award of ten outstanding senior artists in Taichung county, Taiwan
  • Chinese Writers’ & Artists’ Association, Modern Creative Ink Painting Award, Taiwan


  • Landscape of Tamsui 1, 6 included in the collection of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan




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