Chen Ting-Shih (1913-2002) was born in Fujian, China. Chen’s grandmother was a daughter of the governor Shen Pao-Chen who was in charge of Taiwan during the Qing dynasty. Chen lost his hearing at an early age, but it did not stop him from learning painting, seal cutting or poetry. Chen had a significant contribution to the development of modern art in Taiwan. He was active in the “Modern Abstract Art Movement” during the 1950s and 1960s. He also participated in other artistic circles such as the “Fifth Moon Group”, and “Modern Graphic Art Association”. The works of Chen Ting-Shih include prints, ink paintings, acrylic paintings, and sculptures. He is known as a representative of the abstract style. Chen tried to incorporate traditional oriental elements and modern symbols into his creation. Chen has said: “Art is not ultimate, all creation is a process of selection”. Chen connected Western concepts of art with China’s ideological context, and used abstract and figurative, traditional and modern visual languages to express his creative ideas.



Deeping Woodblock print on paper 117x230cm




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