Chen Yin-Jye (1924-2012) was born in Taichung, Taiwan and was the well-known sculptor Chen Hsia-Yu’s younger brother. In 1940, he graduated from Taichung Industrial Vocational School (now Chienkuo Technology University). Starting from 1946, Chen taught at Taiwan Provincial Taichung Normal School (National Taichung University of Education), Provincial Tainan First Senior High School (now Tainan First High School) and National Cheng Kung University. From 1946 onwards he received the Highest Honor Award in Sculpture at Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition, and was exempted from review until 1954.

Since then, Chen became a Member of Jury Panel of the Taiwan Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition’s Sculpture Section. Moreover, he was the founding member of Sculpture Section at Tainan Art Research Association. He spared no effort to promote development of sculpture art in the southern Taiwan. In 1897, Chen received the Art Promotion Award from the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, and the Contribution to Art Award from Tainan City Government in 1988. During his creative career he continuously tried different materials, experimented with traditional and modern shapes, aimed for a breakthrough and variety. He was influenced by the Western modern sculptor Jean Arp (1886-1966). He tried to break standards of realism, and intended to achieve truth, goodness and beauty in his sculptures.






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