Born in Tainan, Taiwan. He went to Japan at the age of 13 and was accepted into Osaka Craft Technology School; in 1939 he transferred into the Department of Graphic Design in Osaka Art College. It was not until he graduated that he became the apprentice of the famous Japanese artist Koiso Ryohei and acquired painting education. Chin came back to Taiwan in 1943 with the first job in a news agency and worked with Ran In Ting. Council. In 1946, his painting “Roadside" won the first prize in the First Provincial Art Exhibition. In 1948, he established the Cloud Painting Society with fellow artists; in 1949 he joined Taiyang Fine Arts Association. In the same year his work was selected exclusively in the Provincial Art Exhibition with “excuse from examination". From 1956 to 1963 he was employed as judge of the Provincial Art Exhibition. However, due to the difference of concepts and ideas, he quit the position of judge and withdrew from exhibitions, concentrating on his own artistic creation. His style is romantic and sweet, with simple and clear themes and outright free tones and strokes.






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