Chu Wei-Bor was born in 1929 in Nanjing, China. In 1953, he entered Liao Chi-Chun’s studio to practice drawing and oil painting. Later, after being enlightened by the pioneer of modern art Lee Chun-Shan, he devoted himself to the pursuit of modern artistic expressions. In 1958, Chu became a member of the “Ton Fan Group”, and attempted to absorb the western abstract painting to explore ideological values and personal inner qualities of traditional Chinese humanity. Chu incorporates the philosophy of Laozi and Zhuangzi into his creation, presenting minimalistic rustic style and developing a unique artistic vocabulary. Three generations of Chu’s family ran the tailoring business; therefore, Chu is good at cutting and collaging to create uneven surface and rhythmic visual accents on paper, cotton or linen fabric and cotton swabs. Chu Wei-Bor’s works not only act as the visual images, but also serve as a means to explore the space, and experience life.






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