Ho Kan, whose real name is Huo Hsueh-Kan, was born in 1932, in Nanjing, China. In 1950, he was accepted to the Department of Art at Taipei Normal School, and studied painting with Lee Chun-Shan. While studying he joined the “Ton Fan Group”, and also was one of the members of the “Eight Great Outlaws”. Ho went to Europe to absorb the latest and the most modern concepts and techniques of the Western art, thus contributing to the development of arts in Taiwan. Styles such as calligraphy, and stone inscriptions had a profound impact on Ho Kan’s creation. He used forms, sounds and meanings as the elements for his inspiration. Based on the basis of traditional Chinese art, he borrowed Western ideas and media to create a unique personal art style. Ho restored the original basic forms, learned the composition of the space from calligraphy, and combined all of this to his paintings, thus showing a unique constitutive space. When teaching at Jingmei Elementary School, he contributed to the founding of the first art classroom in the whole country. He also served as art instructor at Compulsory Education Advisory Group. Ho Kan is committed to arts education and promotes the development of art education in Taiwan.






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