HSU Hui-Chih

Hsu Hui-Chih: poet, literatus, interpreter.


Hsu Hui-Chih is a contemporary artist who is also known as one of the most prominent figures in Taiwanese literary circles – both as a writer and publisher.


The majority of Hsu’s “hand ink” (a term he coined himself) works revolve around his own poetic expressions while the rest take inspiration from Buddhism. Throughout all works, the intention remains the same: to share his personal thoughts, reflections on Buddhism, and distinctive poetic sensitivities through creations of beauty.


To adequately express the breadth of his thoughts, Hsu utilizes a variety of mounting methods such as but not limited to scrolls, framed works, traditional Chinese albums, and screens. Each presentation method is not only beautiful but also contemporary and thoughtful. He also experiments with media such as acrylic paint and mineral pigments to ensure that each creation is able to fully capture his contemplative imaginings.


In recent years, Hsu has developed a new form to present his unique consideration of the relationship between visual and written words. Using coir brushes, reed pens, and rollers in lieu of traditional writing tools, Hsu abstracts Chinese characters to their conceptual origins. Each abstraction is not merely a shape but also a profound understanding of the rhythms and foundation behind each character.


Hsu Hui-Chih is not a calligrapher; he is a poet-artist. By combining classic framing techniques and themes with a contemporary outlook and appreciation for beauty, Hsu’s works surpass the confines of time.

2020 “The White Deer Walks Through the Frost – Hsu Hui-Chih’s Ink Art“, Hskin Art Salon , Kaohsiung, Taiwan
“Flourishing Amidst Dreams – Hsu Hui-chih’s Ink Art”, DaGuan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “The Dharma Offerings of Ink – Solo Exhibition by Hsu Hui-Chih”, Fo Guang Yuan Main Art Gallery, Fo Guang Shan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2018 “Your Soul Binds My Eyes To the World: Transcribing Guanyin, Transcribing Poems – Hsu Hui-Chih Ink Art Exhibition”, Caves Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 “Art Taipei 2020”, Taipei World Trade Center”, Taipei, Taiwan
“Between Earth & the Sea: The Spiritual Art of Our Times”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “Art Plus Shanghai 2019”, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China
“Citizen Art Shanghai 2019”, The Hongta Hotel, Shanghai, China
2018 “Art Taipei 2018”, Taipei World Trade Center”, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “Citizen Art Shanghai 2017”, The Hongta Hotel, Shanghai, China
“Art Taipei 2017”, Taipei World Trade Center”, Taipei, Taiwan





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