Lee Shi-Chi was born in 1938, in Guningtou, Kinmen. In 1955, he graduated from the Department of Arts at Provincial Taipei Normal College (now National Taipei University of Education). In 1958, along with Chen Ting-Shih, Yang Yu-Yu, and others, he organized the “Modern Graphic Art Association”. In addition, he also was one of the most important members of the “Ton Fan Group”. Lee’s works are well known for the variety of art forms and styles. Lee incorporates Eastern traditions in Western modern ideology. His art forms also include prints, ink arts, abstract calligraphies, lacquer paintings, mixed media, and even installations. Furthermore, Lee has had several interdisciplinary collaborations with modern poets in literature field. All of this has earned him the label of “Bird of Artistic Variations”. His multiple creations reflect the different trends in society at that time, but all along with an emphasis on the idea of “orientation”, and strike a balance between tradition and modernity.






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