Li Yuan-Chia was born in 1929 in Guangxi province, China. He entered Li Chun-Shan’s studio to study painting in 1952, and was one of the founding members of the “Eastern Painting Society.” Since then, he has traveled through the United Kingdom and Europe and eventually settled in the United Kingdom. Li established the LYC Museum, an acronym of his name, in 1972. Li had dedicated his expertise and experiences into the building and managing of this art museum. Along with publishing catalogues of art works, writing poetry, authoring books, and producing conceptual abstract work from ready-mades, Li is now renowned as the first Chinese conceptual artist, as well as one of the most influential post-war conceptual artists in the world. The Gavian Family and the LYC Foundation collect most of Li’s works, while University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library accessions other significant manuscripts and documents. With support from various parties, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum presented the major retrospective exhibition “View-Point: A Retrospective Exhibition of Li Yuan-Chia” in 2014, to commemorate this established and prospective abstract artist of ethnic-Chinese society. Artwork by Li Yuan-chia had been collected by the Tate Britain Museum.






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