Paul Tien-Shen was born in 1912 in Chiayi, Taiwan. His head teacher at that time was the well-known artist Chen Cheng-po. Paul’s outstanding artistic talent was recognized rather early. In 1931, he travelled to Japan to study at the prestigious Kawabata School of Fine Arts in Tokyo for two years before he was admitted to the Department of Gouache Painting at Teikoku Art School (now Musashino Art University).

After returning to Taiwan in 1941, Paul together with Yang San-Lang and other artists founded the Taiyang Art Society, established sculpture section and had a great influence on the development of sculpture art in Taiwan. Paul based his creation on body elements and placed major emphasis on how figurative sculptures should capture the moment of the ever-changing movement of the subject. Throughout his long and distinguished artistic career, Paul created a great number of sculptural masterpieces and left us a huge legacy of art.






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