Wu Hao was born in 1931, in Nanjing, China, and moved to Taiwan when he was sixteen years old. Wu attended studio run by master artist Lee Chun-Shan and together with other Lee’s students formed the “Ton Fan Group”, and joined the “Eight Great Outlaws”. Wu Hao is one of the first artists in Taiwan to show his interest in woodblock prints. He has received various awards, including Duke Award by British International Print Biennial, Gold Seal Award by Taiwan Society of Printmaking, Golden Pitcher Award by Art Society of China, and others. Wu’s oil paintings and prints contain chic lines, bright colors; figures, flowers, landscapes and ethnic elements are depicted in an agile, but simple way. His works are filled with a joyful and rich atmosphere. His magnificent style comprises nostalgic feelings and homesickness, while indifference and alienation of modern society form a strong contrast in his works. Wu Hao’s artistic career has lasted for more than six decades, and it still continues. Wu founded the “Lee Chun-Shan Modern Painting Foundation”, established few awards and contributed to cultivating young artists.






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