Abstract / Symbol / Oriental – Exhibition of Taiwan’s Masters of Modern Art

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During the period from the 1950s to 1960s, the Taiwan Modern Art Movement reached its peak. It was the most important revolutionary wave of art in post-war Taiwan. On one hand, it changed the creative atmosphere brought to Taiwan by the colonial Japanese system with the launch of the New Art Movement. On the other hand, it subverted Chinese “realism” as the means to “improve” the traditional thinking of art. Therefore, a big number of art works featuring the concept of “abstract / symbolic / oriental” was produced by many outstanding artists. It was one of the most noteworthy phenomena to happen in post-war Taiwan.


All of these disruptions in the art world in those years influenced leading young artists, who, during the first half of the century, managed to accumulate lots of wisdom and valuable experience, and now have become art pioneers and masters. With the exception of the late Chen Ting-Shih and Yang Yu-Yu, the creative vitality of the artists is still glowing today.


A well-known curator and historian of Taiwanese art, Prof. Hsiao Chong-Ray, has gathered fourteen artists, who were creatively active in those years, for a joint exhibition. This exhibition is not only a museum quality exhibition, but it also expresses the highest respect to the historical events that happened over a half century ago.




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