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The 2024 Art Future—Liang Gallery presents seven artists, exploring different possibilities in art.


Liang gallery will join the 2024 Art Future, showcasing contemporary artworks in rooms 1101, 1102, and 1148 at the Grand Hyatt Taipei from January 5th to 7th, 2024. The exhibition highlights the multidimensional aspects of art.

Artist Chiu Chien Jen will exhibit in Room 1102. His works reflect the immediacy and rapidity of moments, resembling photographic images. Through oil painting techniques such as covering, erasing, and splattering, he presents images worn down into silhouettes and fragments in tones of black-brown, white, and gray, seeking a new visual balance between image and painting beyond surface constraints, infused with poetry. Using oil paintings to depict fragments of personal experiences.

Room 1101, the “NextGen" explores the dynamic relationship between algorithms, artificial intelligence technology, and the creations of the next generation of artists. The exhibition includes Aluan Wang’s “After The Cave" series, inspired by cave paintings in art history, using algorithms to generate a series of works with primitive tension. Lin Jingyao combines organic, biomimetic lines, and presents various transformations of plants and flowers. Lai Tsung Yun uses machine learning technology to present a portrait series on the topic of Taiwanese indigenous elders with facial tattoos.

Room 1148 features works by Tsao Ting Chang, Kao Erh Hsin, and Lu Chia Nuoh. Tsao Ting Chang, starting from observing social phenomena, provides solace to the soul through textual art and calligraphic maxims. Kao Erh Hsin, with a lyrical and expressive abstract style, brings works that possess both spatiality and narrative. Lu Chia Nuoh, a recipient of multiple art awards, focuses on the essence of painting, exploring the relationship between painting and illusion, materiality, and space through changes in the body, tools, canvas, and viewing perspectives.

Seven artists are participating in this year’s Art Future, presenting a diverse range of works from contemporary art to digital generative art. They aim to showcase more possibilities in art for the audience. You are sincerely invited to attend and join in the celebration.





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