2015 China International Gallery Exposition

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  • Duration:2015.10.08. Thu.~2015.10.11. Sun.
  • VIP Preview:2015.10.08. Thu. pm 5:00
  • Booth:A30
  • Location:China National Convention Center No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


“1934 South.Impression“


The year 1934 cannot be ignored in the history of Taiwanese art. In this year eight painters, Chen Cheng-po, Yang San-Lang, Lee Shih-Chiao, Liao Chi-Chun, Yen Shui-Long, Li Mei-Shu, Chen Ching-Fen, and Tateishi Tetsuomi, founded the Taiyang Art Society, and afterwards regularly organized the “Taiyang Art Exhibition”.


In the Declaration of Foundation, the Taiyang Art Society stated that “artists are in need for an opportunity to freely express their ideas, and the general public needs a source for their spiritual nourishment. We believe that the development of our sincere efforts and the Society itself will greatly contribute to our island’s culture. We hope that art lovers in the whole country are willing to share their enlightenment and to establish a better environment for arts together with us.” Thus, fighting for the spirit and principles of art, the Taiyang Art Society has become the oldest art organization in Taiwan.



In CIGE Beijing 2015, Liang Gallery will exhibit paintings by the three founding members of the Taiyang Art Society: Chen Cheng-po, Yang San-Lang, and Lee Shih-Chiao. Both, the context of Taiwanese art history and the aesthetics of the fusion of the East and the West, can be seen from these wonderful artworks.

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