Art16 London

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  • VIP Preview:
    2016.05.19 Thur. (14:00-21:00)
  • Public Opening:
    2016.05.20 Fri. (11:00-19:00)
    2016.05.21 Sat. (11:00-19:00)
    2016.05.22 Sun. (11:00-19:00)
  • Venue: Olympia London (Hammersmith Road, London, W148UX, UK)
  • Booth: D6
  • Artists: Akibo Lee, Wei-Hui Hsu, Li-Ren Chang, I-Chun Chen, Chau-Tsung Hu, Chang-Yu Hsu


Liang Gallery is going to attend Art16 London, a global leading art fair, for the third time in a row. With a three years’ experience in exhibiting in Europe, we are full of confidence to show contemporary Taiwanese art in the international context.

At Art16 London, Liang Gallery represents six artists of unique and distinctive creative styles: Akibo Lee, Wei-Hui Hsu, Li-Ren Chang, I-Chun Chen, Chau-Tsung Hu, and Chang-Yu Hsu. These artists work with a great variety of mediums and patterns to express their creative ideas.

Between the Time and Lighting

Taiwan is the world’s center of electronic goods production. Dense information networks and net-generation dominate social formation in the country. Electronization is based on analogous, digital and optical fiber messages. People, space and time are squeezed into this modern world of the Internet. The other end of the Earth does not seem to be so far away any more, therefore traveling to different places has become one of the aspirations. But what does the real life look like in this place, which seems to be neither factual nor fictitious?


The artistic creation reflects the present, the past and the future, while focusing on the factor of being lost that is hidden behind the globalization phenomenon. Einstein once said: “The past is only a persistent illusion. Time is not only what we have seen, it is not just a flow in one direction, because the present, the past and the future exist at the same time.” Artists travel in a fast moving space-time and use creation to express illusionary scenes and feelings. Diverse creative ideas, expressed through paintings, video works and various mixed media installations, relate expectations and confusion.


Akibo Lee’s mechanical installations, a few replications of Led robots, interact with the audience and signify artificial intelligence in the world filled with the human emotions.


Wei-Hui Hsu uses facial mask material to create installations. Her works manifest the changes of women over the time and the acts or mood that appear over the life cycle.


I-Chun Chen’s video works talk about contemporary social issues and Taiwanese folklore. She carries her personal experiences, which seem to be between the real and the unreal.


Li-Ren Chang in his videos cleverly masters the boundaries between the virtual and reality. Through metaphors and irony, he analyzes the absurdity and loss in this era.


Chau-Tsung Hu penetrates into the deconstruction of time in his paintings of a growing city. He collects various acts of people living in the big cities and depicts them on canvas. Sanding technique is used for the base on canvas, different colors are applied one by one, thus leaving only traces of color which transform into various symbols of the human acts in urban development.


Chang-Yu Hsu chases irreproducible memories. In her paintings, the paint automatically flows, drips, clashes, and mixes with each other. Like our memory, everything in the image is composed not of blocks, but the rearranged flowing images. Layering and pointillism probe into the stacks of light.




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