TAD Festival 2016 – Sunrise Heartbeat

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  • Duration:2016.11.05. Sat. – 2016.12.04. Sun.
  • Opening:2016.11.05. Fri. 3:00pm
  • Press Preview:2016.11.04 Fri. 6:00pm
  • Artist:Jun T. LAI, LU Hsien-Ming, Takahiko SUZUKI, HUANG Ming-Chun, LIN Wen-Tsao, WU Chien-Yi

“Sunrise Heartbeat” is the curatorial theme for the 2016’s edition of TAD Festival brought together by curator Luo He-Lin and co-curator Huang Yi-Hsiung. Festival’s intention is to introduce art in Dazhi and Neihu districts through five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Over 30 participating artists exhibiting at more than 20 exhibition spaces will attempt to use elements of daily life to create a throbbing moment of artistic encounter, as well as to narrow down the gap and to rethink the relationship between the public and the arts.

Liang Gallery is one of the festival’s participating galleries and will display artworks by artists Jun T. Lai, Lu Hsien-Ming, Takahiko Suzuki, Huang Ming-Chun, Lin Wen-Tsao, and Wu Chien-Yi under the theme of “Absent Breath.” The exhibited artists attempt to extend the “sensitivity about life” through the sense of smell. They use the observer’s point of view to look for the breath that has been neglected by people. They warn us and question the appreciation of the environment we live in. How do we coexist with the environment? At the same time, they also describe changes in the environment, and how people face difficulties and challenges in their life.

TAD seeks to link up art with life, to bring it to streets and daily life, and to make it sharable among the public. It attempts to provide a better understanding to the general public of different aspects of art and to show the light transmitted by art through the re-interpretation of the five senses.




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