Ring Ring – Fu Hau-Shiuan Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration:2017.12.09. Sat. – 2018.01.07. Sun.
  • Opening:2017.12.09. Sat. 3:00pm
  • Press Preview:2017.12.08 Fri. 3:00pm
  • Artist:Fu Hau-Shiuan


Fu Hau-Shiuan holds his first personal exhibition at Liang Gallery under the title Ring Ring. The exhibition is an extension of his Promise series, in which the wallpapers that used to be merely backgrounds gained its meaning as a personal totem and symbol. The new sketch series, as well as works like Census starts from the discussion about the relationship between human being and mother Nature, and steps into the dimension of social space, as well as into reality via symbolism.


The complex environment of modern society has made it difficult for people to choose to escape from the contamination as well as to enforce a promise of good faith. The artist chose to use a ring to express his thoughts about the phenomenon. He replaced the gems on the rings with pieces of stones, each of which having different textures and different creative details. From found objects to the imagination about these stones, Fu expressed the various strengths and temperature of different relationships. The stones are seen as a representation of apartments, stages, and places.


From the imagination about found objects to the production in a social space, the potted plants are also part of the artist’s memory, which allowed more personal experiences and personal features to be presented by the works. By matching different stories with different objects, the modern society is remembered, and the promises between people and between human being and nature are reflected.


Artist Biography

Fu Hau-Shiuan was born in 1981, in Taoyuan, Taiwan. In 2009, he received his MFA from the Department of Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University, and in 2004, he graduated from Arts and Crafts Education Department at National Hsinchu Teachers College (now National Hsinchu University of Education). Working with delicate brushstrokes, Fu creates “subtle beauty.” The objects he depicts are various details from his daily life and numerous delicate things from his surroundings which the artist tends to combine with his life experiences. He is good at cleverly arranging natural and artificial spaces. Anthropomorphic objects depicted in his paintings refer to the microscopic inner world of the artist. In 2006, Fu was selected for the 9th Rising Artist Award and won the second place in the Chinese Yuan Shan Art Association Dao Zheng New Artist Awards. In 2015, Unborn Generation was included in the collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.




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