Chu Ko (1931-2011), whose real name is Yuan Te-Hsing, was born in Hunan, China. Chu was a central figure in Taiwan’s modern art movement as a poet, art critic, painter and sculptor. At a young age, Chu was already well-known in the art community in Taiwan mainly because of his intelligence and talent of self-studying. He participated in the modern poetry and painting movements in Taiwan, and wrote modern poetry as well as prose, and frequently published his works in newspapers and magazines on art criticism.

When 35 years old, Chu started working at the National Palace Museum. He spent over thirty years researching works of bronze, and published important studies of ancient art, such as Chinese Historical Art Treasures, History of the Dragon, and others. Chu Ko was interested in painting and calligraphy, and became very much devoted to artistic creation after he reached 50 years of age. His works were abundant and stunning in style that made him become one of the most important Taiwanese modern artists.






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