Art 14 London catalogue

2014 倫敦全球藝術博覽會 畫冊


平裝/34頁/19 x 19 cm




The definition of “contemporary art” is broad and inclusive, encompassing painting, sculpture, installations, photography and new media. While the art works are diverse, the themes presented highlight shared concerns and ideas that inspire artistic creativity around the world, transcending traditional divisions based on geography, culture, genre or media. “Art Unbounded” showcase for Art14 London, represented artists include Jam WU, LIN Hung-Hsin, HUANG Yi-Sheng, CHEN I-Chun and TAI Han-Hong. And the showcase brings out the plurality of artistic ideas and the ways of creating and viewing works of art in an increasingly global world.

The works of Jam Wu’s “"Photo-cutting Collection – Looking at Winter Light” reflect his sensitivity of the environment and personal experiences as an artist-in-residence, and artist transformed city images into totem and symbol by using Chinese traditional paper-cut techniques. The work of Lin Hung-Hsin’s “Skyline I”, creates surreal city landscape in a realistic way, and makes every familiar corner of Taipei city deformed and defocused, giving a subversive perception to daily life. Viewers seeing the paintings by HUANG Yi-Sheng, can find their senses floating lightly upon those cotton candy-like clouds and their thoughts floating leisurely along with the sparrow on top of the balloon. The mind is eased as it takes in this sweet image and landscape. CHEN I-Chun’s color video “The Piggy Song”, using hand-painted editing skill, concerns for the environmental issues of the pork production process. The work of Tai Han-Hong,The House on a Chair, by artist’s architecture background and the obsession of wood texture, creates an anti-functional furniture and sculpture, giving viewer a distorted view of a simple and daily chair.



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