Beautiful Starry Night Sky

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The spring exhibition “Beautiful Starry Night Sky” featuring artists Hu Chau-Tsung, Hsu Cahng-Yu, Yu Ya-Lan, Wang Liang-Yin, Lo Chiao-Ling, Huang Yi-Sheng, Yeh Jen-Kun, King Fen-Hwa, Wang Chien-Yang, Liu De-Lang, Chang Tsui-Jung, and Hsi Shih-Pin will be opened to the public from February 1st (Friday) to March 31st (Sunday). You are welcome to experience a brisk and pleasant adventure.


Hu Chau-Tsung’s latest work Rebirth proposes a reconsideration of landscape. Deconstruction and reorganization of space strengthen the symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity. Works on display by Hsu Chang-Yu Whispering Stars and Standing Beneath a Starry Sky reveal a mysterious forest, starry sky, flow of time, and passing by animals. Hsu’s focus on a beautiful moment triggers the beginning of a story. Yu Ya-Lan’s prints thrive with highlights, efficacy, and bright colors. The works explore the inner spiritual and personal qualities, depict a memory or and instant glimpse. In Lo Chiao-Ling’s pieces the world is full of hope and fantasy as seen through eyes of children. The warmth and pureness is shared with the viewers.


Liang Gallery presents outstanding contemporary artists, who work with different mediums and employ various themes for their creation. We welcome you to greet the arrival of this spring together with us!




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