Nœud Temporel – Leo WANG Solo Exhibition

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Noeud Temporel, a solo exhibition by Leo Wang, presents how his artistic practice has developed and transformed in the past five years since the previous Stargazer.


While he used to employ a science-fictional imagination of his own to mirror a shared sense of loss toward the unknown future, Noeud Temporel features historic events and the comparative reference as monumentally mark the artist’s reflection on it, transforming it into a visual language as if it were composing a chronological autobiography or a collective memory.


The thread of works unfolds in Noeud Temporel between the figurative and abstract visual expressions, allowing viewers to observe the revisit, break-off and continuation of historic events from a different perspective.


It provides a reading on how humans are shaped by and within the history, as well as how every instant choice forms our past, present and future.




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