The All-Embracing Island HK _CHEN Pu Solo Exhibition |A Concept Gallery

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Date : 2022.09.09 Fri. – 2022.10.06 Thu. Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-19:00

Opening:2022.09.10 Sat. 15:00

Address:Room 602, 6/F, Winfull Commercial Building, 172-176 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


From September 9th to October 6th 2022, A Concept Gallery will present CHEN Pu’s (b. 1986) solo exhibition ”The All-Embracing Island HK.” It is CHEN Pu’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, presenting 30 brand new works and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) works. The opening will take place at 3pm on September 10th. Welcome to the new digital ecosystem created by CHEN Pu.


“The All-Embracing Island” is the universe of all phenomenons, and is also the island of Hong Kong, which is intertwined with the cultural and financial systems of East and West. In the artistic experiment, CHEN Pu uses generative art to re-integrated and composed the symbolic ideas of words and the morphological structure of organisms. The gallery and virtual space will become a world of diverse glowing species. To convey the modern world, everyone seems to have their own vision of the universe; each individual is their own comprehensive island.




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