Return to the Wilderness – The Wanderers’ Songs of Gazing Back at Nature

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Curator | Eva LIN

Each forgotten ancient ballad, each lost totem, and each neglected craft accompanies the irreversible passing of a tribal scene. Between tradition and the contemporary, there unfolds a series of events of loss and search. For contemporary indigenous artists returning to their tribes, they often grapple with how to find their own place of self-identity. This exhibition, with the theme ‘Return to the Wilderness,’ invites five artists who have left their hometowns to live in different places and then returned to tribal life. These artists include Yuma Taru from the Atayal, Labay Eyong from the Taroko, Aluaiy Kaumakan from the Paiwan, and Milay Mavaliw and Iming Mavaliw from the Puyuma. These artists have all engaged in various fields of work and creative experiences, only to heed the call of the wilderness and return to their tribal roots, weaving together a tapestry of dispersed yet convergent life journeys. The contemporary trend of ‘returning’ not only reflects people’s anxieties and discontent with the imbalances in today’s society but, for creators with complex backgrounds and identities, it also poses more intricate questions and scenarios. It embodies a natural yearning for reconnecting with the external environment, maternal culture, and spiritual dimensions. The artworks showcased in ‘Return to the Wilderness’ reflect upon Taiwan’s indigenous cultural and historical context, its situations, aesthetics, and the interdependence with nature through extended periods of practice.

Exhibition Duration|2023.11.4 (Sat.)-2023.12.3 (Sun.)

Opening|2023.11.4 (Sat.)15:00

Venue|Liang Gallery, 2nd Floor (No.366, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan)

Opening Time|(Tue.-Sun.) 11:00am-6:00pm (closed on Mondays)

Participating Artists|Milay Mavaliw, Iming Mafaliw, Labay Eyong, Aluaiy Kaumakan, Yuma Taru




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