Liang Gallery, which has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, was founded in 1993 by Directors Yu Yen-Liang and Claudia Chen. Yu Yen-Liang currently sits on the board of directors at the Chen Cheng-po Cultural Foundation, and Claudia Chen is now the president of the Taiwan Art Gallery Association.

Liang Gallery is devoted to the promotion of some of the most generationally representative Taiwanese modern artists of the early 20th century in Taiwan, from the post-war abstracts, to 21th Asian contemporaries. We have fostered a long and close relationship with Taiwanese art foundations and the families of Taiwan pioneering painters including Chen Cheng-po, Liao Chi-Chun, Yang San-Lang, Chen Chih-Chi, Li Mei-Shu, Chen Te-Wang, Kuo Hsueh-Hu, Chin Jun-Tso, Pu Tien-Sheng, Chen Hsia-Yu, and Yang Yu-Yu, and we are well-versed in organizing retrospective exhibitions and seminars about their lives and careers, helping educate the public about the important role they play in Taiwan’s art history.

Our exhibitions focus on Taiwan’s modern abstract and contemporary art and their context. Working with both represented and contracted artists, the gallery organizes events, curates exhibitions, and plans academic exchanges. Through the incredible diversity of their visual art, our represented contemporary artists enunciate Taiwan’s unique social, democratic and international character.

Liang Gallery is an independent multi-floor exhibition space of over 2000m2 located within Neihu Technology Park, and hosts monthly exhibitions and art events.

Liang Gallery is committed to fostering international collaboration and serves as a forum for the exchange of artistic discourse. The gallery has been selected to present Taiwanese art at many world renowned art fairs and biennales, and a significant number of our artworks are now in the collections of art museums and private collectors.

At Liang Gallery, our passion is for exploring Taiwan’s art culture through the storied lens of Asian Art history, and our mission is to promote Taiwan’s contemporary art to the world.

Recently attended art fairs include:

Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Brussels, Art Düsseldorf, Art16 London, Art Beijing, ViennaContemporary, LOOP Barcelona, Art Stage Singapore, Taipei Dangdai, and Art Taipei.







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Memories Retold

By multiple perspectives and creating methods from the artists, the exhibition tends to guide the audience thought the dialectical conversation between rationality and sensibility.

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Art Fairs
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Liang Gallery features a group show in 2024 ART FUTURE, including the digital art works from Aluan Wang, Lin Jingyao, and Lai Tsung Yun. And showcase the oil paintings by Chiu Chien Jen with various mediums artworks by Tsao Ting Chang, Kao Erh Hsin, and Lu Chia Nuoh. Exhibition Dates: January 5, 2024 (Friday) – January 7, 2024 (Sunday)




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