Elegance of Landscape – Lee Chung-Chung Solo Exhibition

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  • Duration: 2015.06.06 Sat. – 2015.07.31 Fri.
  • Opening: 2015.06.06 Sat. 3pm
  • Exhibited aritst: Lee Chung-Chung


Artist’s Lee Chung-Chung solo exhibition “Elegance of Landscape” will be hold at Liang Gallery. Exhibition will be opened at 3pm on Saturday June 6th and will last till Sunday July 19th. Liang Gallery would like to invite you to discover elegance and tranquility in the realm of landscape.



Lee Chung-Chung was born into a family of ink painters. Her father was a well-known painter of traditional Chinese blue-green landscapes who had a great influence on the artist since her childhood. Therefore, she followed father’s footsteps into studying painting. Lee came to Taiwan with her parents in 1947. Upon arrival her father worked at Budai Salt Factory in Chiayi and Chiku Processing Plant in Tainan while Lee Chung-Chung spent her childhood in the quiet southern countryside. Tainan’s sun, blue sky, and white salt mounds became part of her creative resources in later days. In 1968, she joined Chinese Ink Painting Study Association founded by Liu Kuo-Sung where she started developing a style of ink painting permeated with modernity and zeitgeist.



Lee Chung-Chung’s artworks reveal subtle embodiment of graceful and reserved style with a compositional focus on the “less” and psychological qualities of landscape highlighting visual simplicity. This kind of landscape or scenery imprints a deep sense of reality. Artworks such as Mother Earth (2014) and Through Time and Space (2014) not only show how the artist has re-applied traditional ink techniques, but also her extravagant sentiments and hidden talent.



Lee Chung-Chung does not follow the rules of traditional ink painting. She aims to expose vigorous perception and affection in the internalized landscapes. Lee says: “Water ink is a kind of thought, independent and humanized. It lingers with inner thought and spiritual inspiration, hides with poetic environment, fills with movement and life spirit, it contains thick ethic civilization.” Lee’s ink paintings fit into a group of literati abstract painting and contrast detailed emotion with vivid expression. The art forms a new self, and creation leads to new outcomes. 




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