2015 Art Taipei

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Taiwan is surrounded by seas and has a colonial history of 321 years. Nowadays, the country aims for international recognition and democracy. Even with limited resources, Taiwanese contemporary art unwearyingly strives for existence.


During creative process, one has to control outer and inner pressure. A shock or impact caused by the dilemmas of life and desirable future gradually integrates into images, materials and music as a characterization of existence.


Freud believed that “I” is an object of tragic conflict. From the birth to death, “life instincts” and “death instincts” constantly compete in order to shape and control our lives, thus making it hard to find a way how to be in peace with ourselves. Depression and pleasure become the same one thing, yet gives the deepest meaning of life.


Based on idea “Reality – Testing”, Liang Gallery represents eight Taiwanese artists, who work with different mediums to express their expectations for innermost life and search for eternal paradise. Liang Gallery aims to exhibit diverse Taiwanese art and to show the comprehensive creative thinking of the artists.

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